Sunday, January 11, 2009

OMG! Pink! Flowers! (The Girly Girl revealed.)

I was bored this week. I thought I had a bunch of evening plans, but they fell through. The gym is too crowded with new people, so my spinning class is full by the time I get there after work. There's the aforementioned pants issue. Oh, and I had no wine. Mainly, I was in a funk.

(Did I mention that we also got eight million feet of snow? All of which is piled on top of my car.)

So, I hunkered down and decided I needed an easy-to-complete project. I'm not sure why, but I wanted it to be pink. Maybe it's because my pink stash is getting out of control. Or I'm unknowingly trying to boost the estrogen in my house. Whatever the reason, this is what I came up with:

The pattern is flea market fancy, by the lovely Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts. It's totally simple to sew and cut and comes together really fast. (I started Thursday evening and finished Friday night, with a full day of work in between.)

I loved how she used white sashing in one of her's, but I wasn't going to leave the house, so I used some magenta-ish solid cotton that I had lying around. Everything in it was in my stash.

I took some pictures of my favorite squares, but most of them are blurry. (I was in a rush.) But here's an OK one. On my aging iBook screen, the pink looks purple. But, it's not.

I've got some really cool ideas for doing patchwork on the back. I'm thinking, essentially, concentric squares in the center _ some solid, some in patchwork.

I've given away (or have homes planned for) all but one quilt I've done. (That one is going to be my practice learn-to-stipple quilt.) But this one, in all it's pink glory, is totally mine.


The Modern Gal said...

Pink isn't exactly my color, but I love the end result.

Sarah said...

Very nice...I'm sort of into pink lately too.

amandajean said...

that looks great! i love that you made it entirely from your stash! way to go!!!

Erin said...

I Love the sashing, it really brings out the colours! I really should give this one a go, especially if it can be done in 2 evenings!! :)