Saturday, January 17, 2009


My girl Currer Bell posted a picture of us at a Bubble Wrap party on New Year's Day. It totally made me laugh out loud because I'd kind of forgotten about the fun.

The way it works is that you get all the extra bubble wrap you have that's lying around your house. Lay it down in the middle of a street (preferably one where you're not going to get struck by traffic), gather a group of people and on the count of three, begin jumping up and down until every last popping bubble has burst. It's a total hoot. (Btw, this is equally fun with or without beer.)

We did this in Atlanta when some neighbor folks decided to ring in the New Year by creating our own sound of fireworks.

Should you want to try this at home, I totally recommend it. Just, you know, watch out for cars. Also know that the bigger the bubbles in the bubble wrap, the easier (and more gratifying) it is to pop when you're using your feet.

BTW, that's me in the front.

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