Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

Perhaps you heard about the cold snap we in the Midwest (and really, everywhere, except you assholes in Florida and Southern California) suffered through in the past week. Here in Chicago, the windchill was around -40 for several days. Today, it's 13 and sunny, which makes it feel like spring break in Cabo by comparison.

But, just because I felt compelled to walk around outside without long johns and an extra layer of wool, it's still cold and icy. Like, red-state-on-Nov. 5 icy. Especially along the side of my building, where, by order of The Condo Board, all pet owners must take their mutts out for walks.

I've discussed my issues staying upright on ice at length, but suffice it to say that I risked life and limb to share these pictures with you.

This, btw, is one of the rain gutters along the side of my building. The ice coating goes up all four stories.

Ice gutter close up:

Who wants to fly me to the Bahamas for a few days!?

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