Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fabric store recommendations?

This post is mostly geared to Chicagoans, but anyone, please, pipe up.

I'm venturing the 'burbs this weekend and it got me thinking, out side of Vogue in Evanston, Quiltology on Halsted and some place in Batavia that scared me by the vast amount of calico in stock, I'm pretty ignorant to fun fabric and quilting stores.

I'm in to hip, funky and modern prints. If it looks like it belongs in Little House on the Prairie, or is a batik, it's probably not for me. (Not that there's anything wrong them...)

So, what say you girlies? Pony up the deets.

So, what's worth the gas in the area? Anyone? Bueller?


Sarah said...

I've got nothing for you, friend! Besides two shops I knew about that closed (and had way too many calicos, etc.) there is nothing cool that comes to mind. Have you been to the Needle Shop? I think that's what it's called...around Damen, Fullerton, Elston. It has some good stuff, but it is in a stuffy apartment basement and just isn't as nice as Quiltology. It's worth a visit though, especially if you live around there.

KateKwiltz said...

Total blank, unless you want to go all the way down to friggin' Palos Hills to Susan Marie's...but it's a really long trip. After Quilter's Palette up on Dempster closed a couple years ago, I went through withdrawl. And then found Prints Charming out by the airport last year, which had a ton of really great fabrics (and almost every Moda Marbles color available). I drove out there with an itch to spend $$ after I dropped somebody off for a flight in November, and now it's gone, too! Quiltology is pretty much it for us city folk, sorry.
Have you been to the International QUilt Show at Rosemont? Start saving now, it's in mid/late April, and always good for blowing through a couple hundred bucks if you're not careful. Take Friday off and go -- the weekend's a zoo.