Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bowls!? Pillows?! Drinkies!?

I have a three-day weekend rapidly approaching, and if I have my way, I'll spend it covered in thread while sipping wine. (Possibly with a bubble bath thrown in for merit.)

I'm planning to start off the weekend with a humor reading, conveniently located in a bar, headlined by my one of my favorite authors. (Deets are here, Chicago peeps, if you want to meet up.)

Then there's a co-worker's "Fabulous, Slightly Blasphemous Martini Luther King Party" on Sunday, where the slogan is: "A martini delayed is a martini denied."

Yep, because that's how I roll.

But in between, I want to sew, sew, sew.

I totally want to try making this fabric bowl, featured over at Craft Stylish.

OMG, isn't it cute???

And I've already written about my intense, overwhelming need to decorate and re-nest. Which, btw, has been heightened since I saw this super-cute pillow over at Chickpea Sewing Studio, which is the perfect inspiration for my effort to re-cover my own pillows.

I also have an ambitious plan to unbury my car from its icy encasement and head over to Ikea, which, who knew, has FABRIC BY THE YARD? Of course, the Scandanvian's won't let me buy it on line so I have to trek my ass way the hell out to the suburbs. But, wouldn't you do it for a chance to own this at $6.99 a yard??

I know! Me, too!!

Ack! Why can't it be the weekend already?!?!

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MichelleB said...

Thanks for the link to that bowl! I love it. I definitely think you should make it this weekend.