Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A change will do you gooooooood.

I'm in the mood for some serious redecorating. It started with the breakup. As a remedy, I decided to turn my dining "room" (a designation, which by anyone's standards, is charitable) into a sewing studio and the unofficial headquarters of Pieces of Yay! Designs.

On deck: new paint in the pale-yet-warm-and-buttery yellow variety.
I am turning a found bookshelf into an all-purpose storage center. I want to paint it a cerulean blue and store my stash (which, btw, is neatly organized in oh-so-cute wooden clementine boxes), my sewing books, my sewing box and supplies and my sewing machine.

When I went to Atlanta for New Years, I picked up some super-fun folk art pieces that I can't wait to hang on the wall. And yesterday, during a pop in to Anthropologie (aka, Noodle's Hall of Happiness), I snagged this super cute small rug at 50 percent off.

Anyway, now I'm like a girl obsessed. I'm not feeling my living room decor that much any more, it's a little too, er ... my mom. (No offense, Momma. Your style is AWESOME.) But I just want a fresh start as I reclaim my space. I'm not talking going overboard. I love my space. I love my stuff. I just a coat of paint to get rid of the bland beige walls. Some curtains. A new area rug. And maybe a new big picture to hang up behind the sofa.

I've already re-arranged furniture. And now I also want to paint the living room a similar yellow. I love the Anthropologie curtains, which of course I cannot afford. And then there are these super cute ones at Ikea, which also make my heart skip a beat.

I also fell in love with this:

And this:

Of course, at $400 for a 8x10, cost prohibitive is pretty much an understatement. (Have I mentioned that I am demonstrably broke, so this entire post is mainly just to put words to my interior decorating fantasy.)

Still, I just want _ and desperately need _ change. I'm planning to use some of my fabric to recover some outdated pillows. I'm working on quilts. I already have a kick-ass table runner that I made.

Anyway, the natives are restless. And I can't wait to bust out the drop cloths and the turpentine. Bring it on, baby!


Sarah said...

I feel the same way when I go to Anthropologie. I love everything and can't afford ANY of it! Good thing crafty girls like you and me can make do with our mad skills and some fabric scraps! Good luck redecorating...

The Modern Gal said...

I love, love, love the Anthro rug. Just keep an eye out. There stuff goes on sale occasionally and when it does, it's significantly cheaper.

Also, I've found that blogging about my retail desires helps me not go through with them, so this could be a good thing.