Saturday, October 4, 2008

Screw you, errata

Oh, I thought looking at the pattern. How cute is this? So what if the fabric choice is a little questionable and looks like it was designed to match Big Bird? I'll just find stuff that's cuter.

At least 10 hours of cutting, sewing and piecing later, I was ready to put on the borders. Until I realized the problem. The pattern? The one that explained exactly how much of each fabric to cut? Well, looks like some the editors at Quilts & More forgot to do their math. That explains why my long rectangular piece was cut to 19.5
inches, not 20.

MATH PEOPLE. It's not too freakin' hard to do. (And yes, lesson learned on my part about checking patterns for errors.)

This is what the sides looked like, thanks to the bad math in the pattern. It took me three hours to rip out the seams.
Grumble. I want my money back.

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