Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Typing + Scheduled Narcotics = Funny

A few years ago, I got all my wisdom teeth taken out during a massively traumatic experience I continually try to block from my memory. The upshot to the whole ordeal (other than the weight I dropped in the ensuing week of a liquid diet) was the drugs. Yup. I admit it. The bleeding, swelling, bruising, drooling and stitches weren't so bad through my Vicodin-enduced fog.
Unfortunately, the real world didn't seem to care that I was temporarily out of my little brain, so at one point I tried to brave the computer to do some work. Anyone who received an e-mail from me that day can probably attest to what ensued.

Maybe it's my own experience, or the fact that I recently laughed my ass off at Jen Lancaster's tale of accidentally getting high on Ambien and unknowingly ordering Barbie products from Amazon. But I spent five solid minutes giggling at Scrumdillydilly's post-root canal post. She's threatening to edit once her head clears, which I think would totally suck.

Here's an excerpt:

i survuced a root cnala thids morning. mindc you, i wasn;t aftraid of the ear shatterring zzzzzz if the tiny drills and saws, no, i was afraid that my secret super power aka lock jaw would make an appearnace as she usually does, damn show off. this time, my kind new entsit graced me with a magic pill bittle that would help keep the jaw locker at bay. for the most part, themagic pills workd. still working a wee bit as evidenced by my mD TYPNG SKILLS