Sunday, October 5, 2008


Holy progress, blogpeeps! I finished another quilt this afternoon, which means I'm in search of another project. (And yes, you should be concerned. You know what they say about the whole idle hands thing.)

Anyway, this quilt may be my favorite so far. It also stands as the biggest pain in my ass, at the moment, as well. But while ripping out all the seams and starting over on Saturday, at least three gay men at my hair salon came up to admire it. So I figure I must be doing something right.

Here's pictures of part of the inner portion of the quilt (did I mention the thing is freakin' huge?) as well as a detail shot of the border. I'm still a newbie quilter, so I don't think it was technically too difficult. But I feel like I learned a WHOLE lot of lessons for sure.

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