Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Great idea!

I've been known to make customized stationery for friends before -- a completely cute and unique gift that is, truth be told, shockingly easy to make. All you need is some card stock and envelopes (you can find them at Michael's stores or, my favorite, Paper Source), an ink pad, some stamps and pretty satin ribbon to tie the finished product up. It's a great easy, cheap and thoughtful gift that so far, people have loved to receive. (If you're reading this and disagree then you're a big, stinky liar!)

That should explain why I totally emitted one of those shrill girl squeals this morning when I saw this tutorial (linked via Craft Magazine's blog) for paper bag note cards.

I'm typing this in my jammies, so I won't be busting out my glue stick at the moment, but it looks like a fun and easy way to take my standard stationary up a notch. I bet these would look great with some colored ink stamps on them. Not to mention the fact that you get to be green by reusing your grocery bags.

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