Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farm animals, redeemed.

So what if more than two decades ago, a fierce, man-eater of a baby goat tried to gnaw off my cute satin-ribboned pig tail and the scalp that came with it? I'm a forgiving kind of girl. Especially when there's the promise of booze at the end of the day. (Eds: Cheese and chocolate are also exceptional motivators. So are puppies. Please, make a note.)

All that explains why I busted out my bad-ass cowboy hat and hit the suburbs with friends and their 7-month-old for an afternoon of pumpkin patches and petting zoos. Oh, and did I mention beer?

Behold the photographic evidence of Noodles and the barnyard set.

P.S. This cow was too freakin' adorable. Check out his fab eyelashes.

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