Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sew what?

This pretty, pretty print is Amy Butler's seagreen coriander. And it's prominently featured in my current quilting project, called High Light. (Sidenote: my fabric is substantially cuter.)

After spending a few days cutting and piecing, my progress has slowed dramatically over the past several weeks -- probably because I'm spending so much time on my Urban Amish quilt. But tonight, I'm hoping that will change.

I'm going straight from work to Quiltology and hope to get in a few hours of studio time to make some major headway on both projects. I'm struggling with the High Light design, because I just don't like one of my six fabrics. Every time I stare at it, I swear, it taunts me.

But I'm hoping some time on the store's super-fun Bernina's will get me back on track. And I promise to post pictures later night so you can ooh and ahh at the craftivity.

So tell me ... what are you guys working on?

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