Sunday, December 28, 2008

A big, beautiful belle

Way, way back in the day, I wrote about the quilt from hell. Not because of its complexity (there wasn't any; big pieces = easy sewing), but because the freakin' pattern was incorrect, so I had to rip the whole thing out seam-by-seam and start over again.

But now, the lovely thing is almost all done and all I have left to do is the binding.

Here's the back, which I pieced:

I sent this quilt out to a long-arm quilter (As the saying goes: You can quilt by hand, machine, or check book), and while I love (LOVE!) her work, I'm looking forward to putting my new sewing machine to work and learning now to do the actual quilting/stippling myself.

Here's a close-up of the quilt stitching:

I'm planning to bind it in the turquoise fabric with the small yellow polka dots.

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