Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For the fam.

Among the many reasons I've been posting this blog (boredom, catharsis, trying to learn more about stuff I dig, making new friends, vomiting words onto a screen, looking for another time suck...) another is to have a cool forum to document the things that I've made.

I've been pretty diligent about posting pictures of stuff, but since I was making so many of my Christmas gifts, I had to keep some projects under wraps.

So, here's a picture taken my The Mother with her new Blackberry Storm camera phone (or possibly, her new digital camera, either way, the woman is wiiiiired) of the quilt I made for The Mom and The Dad.

It is the second quilt I ever made and it wasn't too complicated as you can tell. I tried to pick material that I thought they'd like, as well as one or two that had some Noodle flair. If you're interesting in making one of your own, here's the pattern. It comes together really quickly and even though it's simple, I think it's really quite nice!

Although, one caveat I'd recommend: It's big enough that you should use a design wall. I tried to lay out the squares of the floor, which The Mutt thought was a great fun game, so, there's some color and pattern bunching.