Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Renegade Christmas?

I typically avoid talking about religion, because frankly, I don't want to offend and I really respect other people and their opinions (especially when, you know, they care enough to respect mine.) And truthfully, it's not really something I'm totally comfortable talking about. I feel like I need to wear a big sign around my neck that says don't worry: I'm not THAT kind of Christian.

But I'm breaking my rule because I just had to share this.

We watched this tonight at my church's young adult group. Regardless of your thoughts on faith, this should really give everyone something to think about as the holidays approach.

I mean, seriously, we spend $450 BILLION a year on Christmas in the U.S.?? REALLY? WTF? Doesn't that just seem so utterly ... WRONG?

I sometimes get annoyed at people who are all, "Let's not forget the reason for the season." Ok, fine, totally valid point. But Christmas has also become so much more than that and it's not fair to discount that either. For me, it's also about tradition. And family. And friends. And sharing. And jammies on Christmas day while watching the same movies. And reliving great memories and making new ones.

But there's a really important point that the Advent Conspiracy folks make, too.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in it all that we really do lose sight of how materialistic we've become and how important it is for those who can to help others.

Which is why the video got me thinking and got the group of us talking well past the end of our meeting.

My BFF is known for her kick-ass gift giving skills. (Seriously, Currer Bell -- your jammies last year were the shizam!). But this year, she and her boy figured that there were other people (and things) that needed help much more than their friends and family needed stuff. So they're making donations to charitable organizations on behalf of everyone. They asked us which ones we liked best, but also offered up some of their favorites if we couldn't think of anything.


I'm not saying you need to stop giving gifts. Or return what you've got. I'm just saying that it's nice to be reminded of how fortunate we are. And to remember that quote my momma always rehashed to me: "To whom much is given, much is expected."

Enough rambling on my part. Watch. And let me know what you think.

P.S. I'm not endorsing this group, its message, or its cause. I'm just saying they raise a whole hell of a lot of interesting points that make you think. :-)


Sarah said...

I saw this video the other day and thought it was SO well done and meaningful. Thanks for posting it.

I was also at Quiltology on Saturday and when I walked in I thought, we should have planned to meet! Next time maybe!

jay said...

My family's put a cap on gift amounts this year for a similar purpose. I certainly know which awesome charity I might be using as a substitute gift, as well.

One thing is that if you decide to donate in lieu of gifts this year, the impact will be SO huge. Giving is down this year -- very down -- to every good cause out there. The people we rely on to help others when they need it most are also the ones most in need of help at a time like this.

Thanks for posting the video... it's very Noodles 2.0.