Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sexy pants.

I broke out the long johns today for the first time this season. This is depressing for a number of reasons, mainly because I like to try to see how long I can go before I need a base layer. It's like some weird sadistic game I play.
But, we're supposed to get a snow storm this afternoon and even thought it's a balmy 30-something degrees, tonight's temperature is expected to be around 15. (Talk about getting heat on time!)
Since I've got a bunch of stuff to do after work, I won't be headed home until 9-ish. And I'll be walking the 20 minutes from my final destination be on a long walk through the snow.
So alas, I only made it to Dec. 3.
Le sigh.


Melaina25 said...

Do your long johns really have a bunny over your hoo-ha?

Noodles said...

Nah! But let's just say that there are few few cute pictures of long johns on the interwebs... :-)