Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two more.

My ancient iBook is running to slow (or, um, maybe I have too little patience) to check the archives. But I *think* I haven't posted pictures of these completed pieced quilt tops. I feel pretty certain I only showed them in stages. They're both Urban Amish, a pattern developed by my girls at Quiltology.

I'm not entirely in love with these, but I think that's because they haven't found their proper owners yet. (I'm waiting to finish them off until I have a recipient in mind.) But it's a great pattern to learn and goes by really fast. Plus, I'm all about the scrappy quilt look.

I did this one first. It's bigger and actually is growing on me, despite my blatant distaste for the mustardy color that seems to have overtaken it.

I did this one second and am planning to make the back a solid deep rose/pink with probably bright blue thread. It seems really fun, maybe for a kid?

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Sarah said...

I finished up the top of an Urban Amish lately but have not quilted it yet. How are you planning on quilting the top?