Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey 2009! Bring it.

My lovely friend has a simply fabulous New Year's tradition that I wanted to pass on. Instead of making random resolutions, she creates an annual fill-in-the-blank to-do list and passes it around to a group of friends. We make our own lists and share among each other and at the end of the year, see what we've accomplished and what we haven't.

I LOVE this tradition and have kept my 2008 list handy on my desk all year, busting it out when I need inspiration.

Now, with her permission, I'm passing it on to you.

In 2009, I will

1. Believe in ...
2. Give up ...
3. Attend ...
4. Invite ...
5. Visit ...
6. Listen to ...
7. Save up for ...
8. Spend more ...
9. Develop a new hobby:
10. Devote a day to ...
11. Taste ...
12. Try ...

Here's how I filled it out. What will you write?

In 2009, I will
1. Believe in ... myself, the strength and instincts that I have.
2. Give up ... the inertia that can interfere with No. 1 and so many other things.
3. Attend ... at least one non-work related museumy lecture.
4. Invite ... more friends (old and new) to spend time together.
5. Visit ... someplace unexpected and fabulous.
6. Listen to ... others more while talking less.
7. Save up for ... the rainy day fund that I really should have.
8. Spend more ... time exploring my city.
9. Develop a new hobby: Turning my quilting and sewing into an Etsy store.
10. Devote a day to ... learning a completely new skill.
11. Taste ... Barbara's home cooking.
12. Try ... to be better in 2009 than I was in 2008.

And for those who are REALLY curious, here's my 2008 list:

In 2008, I will:
1) Take a trip to a big wilderness.
2) Overcome my fear of staying out late.
3) Try Mongolian cuisine.
4) Take a stand on being a pushover.
5) Recommend the most amazing recipe to a friend.
6) Read at least of piece of great literature.
7) Quit ... (redacted for sake of parents.)
8) See a great foreign film.
9) Send a letter to my grandma.
10) Begin taking care of myself as well as I do my dog.
11) Learn to relax.
12) Continue being fabulous.


The Modern Gal said...

I love this list. I'm probably going to steal it.

How did you don on your '08 list?

Noodles said...

8.5 out of 12. (Three got half credit...). That would be a 70.8 percent success rate.

Is that good, or depressing?

Sweet & Vicious said...

Lovely and your friend...will the compliments NEVER end?
Thanks, for the nod, Noods. I'm stoked about seeing how far you get on this year's list. Anything above 70% is totally awesome.