Monday, December 8, 2008


I had some peeps over for a calorie-laden Christmas fest yesterday. The goal of which, in addition to a wicked sugar high, was to swap recipes for holiday baked goodness.

I was totally swamped with work, but was the lucky recipe holders for these easy peasy truffles.

Total prep time? Maybe 10 minutes. And they look and taste awesome to boot.

Want to make some yumminess yourself? Here's how, courtesy of a recipe from The Mom.

Mom's Knock Your Undies Off Chocolate Faux Truffles

1 page Oreo cookies (Do NOT buy doublestuff.)

1 oz package regular (NOT LOW FAT) cream cheese. Softened at room temperature

1 large container sprinkles

Dump the entire package of cookies in a food processor and pulverize until they're a nice sandy texture. Add softened cream cheese and blend in the processors until it's all mixed together is a dark gooey texture. Then using your hands (Mom's version recommends a melon baller), form tiny balls about an inch to an inch and a quarter in circumference. Roll each ball in a dish full of sprinkles, then place on a cookie tray (lined with freezer paper) and let cool until hardened.

Serve accordingly.

Not that these shouldn't be left out at room temperature for very long, lest you want to give you humble guests food poisoning.

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Anonymous said...

The hubby and I (well, really just the hubby) made these for Christmas dessert --- they were a huge hit!