Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm such an inspiration. (Humble, too.)

So, it turns out that I'm an inspiration. Hear that? IN-SPIR-FREAKING-ATION! To someone other that my mom!

It turns out that after I posted my 25 Things list, a former editor decided to turn part of it into a song. Specifically, No. 24: "I love to screw up the curve."

How fucking cool is that? I have inspired poetry, or so The English Professor I briefly dated claimed. But never MUSIC. Much less recorded music that includes LYRICS!

This song is performed by the musical duo "The Great Mystery." And according to their Web site, the song "I Screwed the Curve" is a "modern-day version of the Ramones classic "Rock 'N' Roll High School." Except this time the smart kid wins."

Hell yeah!

You can listen to the song, and its lyrics, here. Both of which, I must say, are completely, totally and utterly jam-packed with awesome.

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