Friday, February 6, 2009

Alive and well in the not-too-cold tundra.

Well, howdy. Why, yes. I am in fact alive! Barely, thanks to a Mutant Hell Virus that decided I didn't need my intestines or any of the stuff in them and in fact, it all needed to get out of my body OMG, RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

Hell really must involve uncontrollable vomiting while sitting (yes, sitting) on a toilet. I'm sure you get the picture.

In retrospect, the bout of illness sucked a big one. But, I'm one of those annoying glass-half-full kind of girls. So, thanks to MHV I managed to drop 7 pounds. Admittedly, in 24 hours. But whatever. Beggars cannot, as they say, be choosers. I will take what I can on my quest to have pants fit again.

But, I digress. There's much more important things to say.

Like the fact that OMFG it's above freezing in Chicago. SERIOUSLY above freezing. ( widget says it's 44 right now. BAM!) If it stays this way tomorrow, I may very well strip off every article of winter clothing (including my oh-so-toasty base layer) and run around buck-ass naked in pure excited-for-spring celebration. I won't, of course, actually do this. Because, a) I am am not into getting arrested and b) I do not wind to blind any innocent bystanders. But I sure as shit will think about when I take the mutt for a romp in the sure-to-be-muddy park, or when I put air into my bike tires and run errands on my little two-wheeled baby for the first time in months.

Of course, it's going to get fucking frigid again soon, even if is going to be 53 degrees on Saturday. And I will, of course, cry. But I cannot, cannot, cannot WAIT to enjoy it.

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