Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things you should never do at work. (Or, oops.)

Perhaps you've been able to figure out that I'm a bit of a, shall we say, oversharer. There is no story too small or too mundane for me to share with friends. I think it's a side effect of being an only child.

This is important context point No. 1.

The other important point to note is that none of my coworkers are in Chicago. I'm part of a team of folks (in this case, all girls) scattered around the country. And we spend all day in a chatroom, doing work and chatting away, sometimes sharing randomness.

Final point of context: I have a dirty, dirty mind. (Seriously, who DOESN'T laugh at BJ's Wholesale? Dick's Sporting Goods? If you don't, you L-I-E.)

So when I came across the above picture in my Google Reader in a post about the crocheted childbirth doll that was available on Etsy, I nearly had a giggling fit and IMMEDIATELY posted the link in the chatroom, along with a snarky comment about how it was the weirdest shit ever.

Of course, true to form, I neglected to scroll down. You, however being more astute than I, probably did.


I posted a link that was complete with a gigantic picture of a naked, crocheted woman spread eagle (complete with crocheted nipples and pubes) pushing out a child, placenta and all.

To my entire group of coworkers.
And my boss.
Luckily, they're used to me. But ooooh, the mortification.


KateKwiltz said...

Seriously, why would anyone ever feel the need to make something like that?

Noodles said...

OMG, I know, right??? I mean, props to the creative. But s-c-a-r-y.