Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm back!

Sorry to being so awol, kiddies.

Life's been a twee bit nuts these past few weeks, right up until five minutes ago when I deposited my very drunk and vomity neighbor in the arms of her boyfriend after she decided to stop by my condo following a bar crawl. (P.S. Karma gods, I get a shit ton of brownie points for taking care of neighbor girl while she purged the vast quantity of liquor from her system. P.P. S.: I haven't seen that much puke since my sorority days. Yeesh.)

But, just because my life has been hectic doesn't mean I haven't had time for crafty goodness. I've sewed a bunch of awesome tote bags, but won't be posting the pictures here since they're presents for a few lovely readers.

However, I made an awesome denim one tonight, intending to give it as a gift. But it was so freakin' lovely that I think I may keep it for myself. (What can I say? Once an only child, always an only child.)

Anyway, I've tweaked and revised the pattern that I used for the original bag to accommodate my own style. I've added some lining and inside pockets, which I think gifts it a nice touch as well.

My photography session was interrupted by The Drunk One, so I don't have a ton of good shots to share. Just take my word when I say it's AWESOME.

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