Saturday, November 1, 2008

Don't be the bunny.

Many moons ago, I found this picture through the miracles of the Interweb. It totally reflected my mood and rage at the world at the time, leading me to decree that "I am the bunny" and whatever was currently pissing me off was the waffle.

I mentioned this to my super-lovely boss (a walking Encyclopedia Britannica about Broadway) who promptly made me listen to the song "Don't Be The Bunny" in Urinetown.

The lyrics, for those of you who are less nerdily inclined than me, go:

Don't be the bunny. Don't be the stew. Don't be the dinner. You have better things to do.


ANYWAY, you can imagine my happiness when I saw my favorite demonic felted bun-bun on Craft Magazine's blog this week, attached to a video interview with Tobiah Mundt. I had no idea who was responsible for my little evil pick me up (which, btw, is totally posted on my cube wall), and now I know! YAY!

So, Tobiah ... thank you for your quirky designs. It has totally kept me sane. And even though I still think I'm this bunny, I've taken the Boss Lady's words to heart. And I will NOT be the bunny!

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The Modern Gal said...

I've got the picture on my cube wall too. It's my guard bunny.