Thursday, November 20, 2008

And she's off!

I was craving some estrogen time this past weekend, so I rounded up my friend for a crafternoon, which was really quite lovely. I totally recommend them for those of you craving girl time. There was beer (me) and coffee (her), knitting (her) and sewing (moi.) Throw in a 60-minute massage and some cheese and you could pretty much call it The Best Day Ever.

Even without the St. Andre and smoked Gouda, it was a great chance to get started on my In & Out quilt by Blue Underground. The fabric they use in the pattern isn't up my alley, so I'm going for the Noodles-ish fabric that's excessively bright and bold and, for lack of a better word ... perky.

It's going to be a nearly queen-sized quilt when I'm done and since each of the 143 squares has five pieces of fabric, it's going to take me damn-near forever to finish piecing.

Here's my first eight squares:

And here's the fabric I'm going to use for the rest:

Since my seams aren't perfect -- and this pattern really requires everything to line up oh-so-nicely -- I'm tossing around the idea of adding sashing (or a solid strip of fabric) between the rows. And maybe as a border so I can expand the size of the quilt so it drapes nicely on a bed. I'll have to see how it looks when all the squares are sewn and I start putting the strips together. But right now I'm thinking maybe a deep navy or a nice rich chocolate brown. White would work, but I'd hate it to get dirty, thanks to The Mutt and her chew toy predilection.

Part of me feels guilty working on this when I have so much Christmas stuff to complete. But sometimes you just need time for yourself, right??

What are you guys working on?


Sarah said...

I'm totally a Quiltology girl, so maybe we'll run into each other there one lovely day! I did the In-and-Out for a baby quilt last year and my friend who I gave it to loved it! Love your fabric selections.

KateKwiltz said...

This is going to look great!

And try the St. Andre on some Trader Joe's pretzel bread -- it's to die for!