Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finished quilt!

This weekend was the much-anticipated baby shower and the delivery of the handmade name banner and quilt!

I'm home sick with strep, so you'll have to delight in the pictures and small captions since I'm too wiped to post any of my usually am!

How it started:

Then I learned to applique. Which, incidentally, was not easy.

It's quilted with a stipple and backed with turquoise minky.

Best part? I finally managed to bind it without it looking like poop! (Credit for that goes to this amazing tutorial.)

Ok, I lied. Learning how to bind wasn't the best part. The best part was seeing her face when she opened it.

Um, Kathleen, you know it's for the BABY, right?

And check it, Chris likes it too!

I can't wait for baby Josie to get here and roll around on this! It was made with love by Aunt Noodles. I think Kathleen knows that, too.

The End.


Kathleen said...

It is the awesomest! I can guarantee it will be well loved and well worn. Though, I'll cry a little the first time Josie barfs on it. You are the best, Noodles!

The Modern Gal said...

Awww. It turned out so great! Way to go. You totally need to start selling these things. I think you've got your second career right there.

Lido Vizzutti said...

I Love It!!!!