Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks. Part 1.

Today, for the first installment of the Thanksgiving Challenge, I'm grateful for these 20 things.

_ My bat-shit crazy dog, even though she hogs the bed, occasionally barfs on my floor, and has a freakishly high decibel-per-pound ratio that annoys the neighbors.

_ The chance to be a penpal to my (almost) 101-year-old grandma and the new relationship we're building through letters.

_ My job. When it's good, it's inspiring and thought-provoking. When it's bad, it at least pays the bills.

_ My bus commute to work, (No, really.) for giving me 45 minutes of time twice a day where I am forced to not be in control and am allowed to sit quietly, read, and watch Lake Michigan. And for keeping me from having a car payment.

_ God. For awakening in me a part of myself I didn't know was there.

_ Books and the authors who write them. For taking me away, making me think, and teaching me new things.

_ My friends. For listening to me spiral. For making me laugh. For humoring me. And loving me even though I'm a royal pain in the ass.

_ My sewing machine. For giving me a chance to create and mend.

_ My church. For helping me find a home in Chicago, challenging me to be a better person, and giving me the chance to give back.

_ First snowfalls. First fall leaves. First flowers. To everything there is a season.

_ Down comforters, down pillows, pillow-top mattresses, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Because after a long day, nothing is better.

_ Except maybe a crisp white wine. And a hot bubble bath. All things to be grateful for.

_ Jeans that fit without muffin tops or camel toes, that are just stretchy enough but aren't too baggy at the end of the day. That make my ass look magic and go with dressy shoes or Chucks.

_ A scarf that goes with everything.

_ Generic mac n' cheese. It makes hangovers better.

_ Perspective. With out it, I'd be lost.

_ Outlet malls and sale racks.

_ Trips away from the city. And that feeling of relief when you finally return home.

_ Art.

_ Gummy worms. Because sometimes, you just need to murder a worm with your bare teeth.

_ The smell of Christmas.

So tell me ... What are you grateful for today?

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The Modern Gal said...

That's a great list. I might have to steal some of those.