Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks. Part 2.

This is part of my sewing machine, which I keep ready to go in what used to be my dining room before I decided to turn my life upside down and make it a sewing studio.

This is where you say: Uh... Dining room to sewing studio? Not much of a difference, Noodles.

But stick with me... it is. A year ago, I lived with my ex. We were wrong for each other in ways I was just realizing, despite our talk about rings and ceremonies, and we and crammed together into my 600-square-foot condo. The break up was messy and painful. But after he packed his stuff and left, the sewing studio was one of the first things I tackled once I finally put down the ice cream.

Call it reclaiming. Call it a refresh. Call it a couple coats of paint, some bookshelves and some bulletin boards. Whatever it is, it jump started what would wind up being one of many steps I needed to take to move on and stop feeling guilty for the way our breakup went down.

So on the almost one-year anniversary of what now goes down as one of my wiser life choices (I hope he feels the same, too), I'm thankful for yellow paint, reclaimed tables discovered in an alley and bookshelves plundered from the dumpster, and for the chance to give new life to a room that was worn and tired and dark. With some TLC it _ and me _ wound up becoming something shiny and new(ish) and remarkably better than each of us were before.

And for that, I give thanks.

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The Modern Gal said...

You know, when I was there this summer it didn't occur to me to realize y'all had lived together in that space, to which I say, 'Holy crap, I don't know how you did it.'

I also absolutely adore your sewing studio space. It was definitely the right project to tackle at the time.