Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Quilt. A Tour.

One month shy of the Emily Post wedding gift limit, I was finally able to send off Currer Bell's wedding quilt. I've written about the super-slow progress on the project before. It kept getting sidelined by baby quilts and other assorted projects that I could power through. In this one, though, there was no powering. It was just lots of work all the way through.

But I'm so, SO glad I did. I think it looks great and I really like the totally different double sides of it. They have such alternate vibes, but yet they fit together. A fitting metaphor for a marriage, no? (Note to self: existential thoughts about quilts and quilt design makes you STRANGE.)

Anyway, because I am a strings-attached friend, I made Currer and her man, Hot Pants, send me pictures of the quilt once they'd received it. And they totally delivered.

To start with, I should note that the theme of the quilt was birds. They used a bird theme prominently in their wedding decor, and I wanted to use this awesome Alexander Henry "starling" fabric as the centerpiece of my blocks.

From there, I modified this pattern by Oh, Franson and built four concentric color-themed squares (with four different fabrics per square) around the piece of the Starling fabric. (Incidentally, this quilt pattern is where I learned about the Starling design.)

From there, I added white sashing (borders for you non-sewer types.) And the front winds up looking like this.

Here's another view:

The back is totally different. It's a scrappy Urban Amish quilt, a pattern designed by the always awesome ladies at Quiltology.

Next I added two borders _ one white and one in this kelly green fabric by Denyse Schmidt.

The quilting is done in a kelly green stipple pattern and I did the binding in something that for the life of me I cannot remember. What I do remember is sitting in a rocking chair in the back of our unairconditioned church sanctuary with the quilt in my lap working on the binding during a service. And loving every sweaty minute of it.

The quilt winds up be a solid snuggling size for one person, or two people who just want a light blanket. Here's Currer Bell holding it up.



Crazy view:



The Modern Gal said...

Love, love, love! (and your wedding/two-sided quilt analogy isn't that cheesy)

Margie said...

Beautiful - I LOVE the back & the green border.

Noodles said...

Thanks, y'all!!

Duff said...

Rock on, Noodles! Definitely worth the wait!

EmB said...

If Ian and I get divorced and then remarry, can we have one? Hypothetically, of course.

Currer Bell said...

Best. Present. Ever.


greydolphin said...

OH MY GOSH! It's completely fabulous. Completely.

KateKwiltz said...

It's gorgeous! Love the two-sided analogy, and love how it came out!