Friday, September 10, 2010

Underpants conundrum.

Unless you're one of those twig girls (at which point, there's an above average chance that we are not friends unless you are fabulously cool), you've had this great Bridget Jones-type dilemma.

You have a date. You're getting dressed. Do you choose the underwear that makes your outfit look good, or that looks good when you're out of your outfit? (In case my mom is reading, er, this is something I have NO EXPERIENCE WITH. WHATSOEVER. Or something.)

I tried to find the clip from the movie where Bridget wrestles with granny panties or a black thong, but the Interwebs didn't want to to cooperate. But I'm going out on a limb to say you get the dilemma.

All of this is a set up for this fab totally-humiliating-because-we've-been-there blog post about forgetting about Spanx. In it Vanessa raises a fairly interesting question after getting caught with her spanx on:

This makes me wonder what guys really think about our undergarment arsenal of
push up bras, chicken cutlets, wired and boned full-body contraptions that make us
look oh-so-much better.

So, riddle me this, peeps. What DO you think? Been there? Got a story? Does it even matter?

Discuss away.

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