Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer fades to fall.

The leaves are changing. I smell fireplaces burning at the huge houses down the street. The air is crisp. (So what if it was 80-something yesterday?) It's fall in Chicago. And fall is, by far, my favorite season. Sure, sure it's my best wardrobe. And who doesn't love the return of boots and sweaters? But I love the circle of life that comes with fall. I love the idea that just like leaves, we shed the things we've outgrown and no longer need, take time to hunker down and be and rejuvenate, and then bloom, renewed when we're ready to shine. It's corny, I know. But to me, fall is powerful. It's always been.

Of course, in Chicago fall lasts approximately 3 weeks before winter sets in. (Truth: my first year here I was at work and got sent out to cover an Oprah taping with Bono on Michigan Ave. for the kick off of Project Red. It was Oct. 6. And it snowed while we were waiting in a scrum outside the Gap.) So when it's this gorgeous weather in between the stiffling heat of summer and the too-cool-to-sleep-with-the-windows-open of late fall and the early hints of winter, one of the single purposes of my life in the Windy City is to be outside.

Which is why I found myself in Oak Park three weeks ago hanging with some of my best friends in the world, cooking out, sipping wine, letting the puppies go nuts and basking in the awesomeness of the changing seasons.

Here are some pictures of a simple-yet-lovely afternoon.

And so my bloggy peeps, what about you? Is it fall in your world yet? What do you do as the temperature changes? What do you love about the season?


vintagegirl said...

The weather over here is keeping me in a constant state of wonder.
On day it will be in the low 60s looking like it may rain at the drop of a hat and the next day it will be 85 and I will be getting a sunburn :(
The weather just can't make up its mind!!
Happy Fall anyway!!
boots, jackets and beach days,

greydolphin said...

I love your reasons for your love affair with fall. I have a love affair with spring, for the renewal and the chance to come alive again, but I forget you have to shed your "leaves" before that can happen. You made me look at fall with friendlier eyes rather than seeing it as when things start dying and wilting in a bad way.
I do love fall. To me, it's all worth anything that is spiced with pumpkin...that's my favorite thing. even though it's 90 + degrees in memphis, I have a pumpkin spice latte today to welcome the autumnal equinox. happy fall!!

KateKwiltz said...

Even though it was hottern'hell yesterday, it still smelled like Fall!
It's my favorite time of year, seeing all the little girls heading to school every morning in their plaid uniforms, watching the trees outside my window burst into yellow, and finally having the windows open all day!
That, and the city really doesn't smell like garbage any more.