Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scene from my life.

Who: Me and my across-the-country co-worker bff.
What: A scene from my life. Or, why you should never get between me and my coffee fix.
When: Today, roughly 2 p.m.
Where: My desk.
Why: Because I'm an asshole.
How: IM conversation.

And, scene!

Me: So, I know I'm trying to be all mindful and not material and shit, but the effing coffee shop didn't give me my double-tall, extra-hot, non-fat latte.
Me: Instead, I just walked back to my desk and found out that all I got a regular Chai.
Me: Fuckers.
Her: So you're being the opposite.
Me: Yes. And I want my latte back. I'm bitter.

(At this point, we veer off topic. And I continue my amazement/bafflement/ashamed-at-my-own-materialism rant after discovering our church's young adult volunteer and his five housemates live on a $550 monthly household food/toiletry budget and they each get $100/month to cover ALL their incidental expenses. While living in Chicago. Then we talk about her two friends who've been laid off. Then we feel shitty. And grateful for what we have.)

Her: We really are lucky. This isn't shit to complain about.
Me: I know. But I'd be EVEN LUCKIER if I had the caffeine I needed.

This is why I'm an asshole. A tired, uncaffeinated asshole.


Sarah Louise said...

We are all assholes. And the more we are aware of it, the closer we are to God...because realizing we are broken makes us realize we need someone to unscrew us up.

(I hope I didn't over-religious-size that.)

a tired asshole with a sinus infection,


thopp said...

Huh, I'm semi-mentioned in your blog!! Yay, I feel so famous!! Trust me, we are all materialistic at times even me living on a small budget. It's hard for me not to be materialistic!!

Steff said...

Love of coffee makes me materialistic? Uh oh... I don't even want to think about the rest then. =)

However, the reality is, don't come between me and my caffeine. It won't be pretty for anyone, especially the person between me and my caffeine.