Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas Quilt. Redux.

I started working on this in August. Got sidetracked by life. Picked it up again briefly in September for a few days. Got sidetracked by life. Blogged about it. Got sidetracked by life. And finally just sat down for five hours this weekend to piece the top quilt together.

I'm planning to back it with a thin teal fleece while quilting it with a warm red thread. Here's a few pictures of the quilt, outside my church on Sunday morning.

The pattern, in case you're curious, is an improvised In and Out quilt by Blue Underground Studios. I added sashing (the white bits on the side) and tweaked the dimensions. I'm still debating the best way to quilt it.


P.S. One of the cool things about the original quilt pattern is that it was inspired by Chicago's urban architecture. It's a reflection of the windows in downtown building. Click on the "in and out" link above to visualize.


The Modern Gal said...

I think that might be my favorite quilt of all the ones you've done. I love, love, love the pattern and love the colors (of course I love anything Christmasy).

Margie said...

Beautiful! I love your take on it and the white border with the bright colors is brillant.

Noodles said...

Thanks, peeps!! Basting and quilting begins tonight.

KateKwiltz said...

I like it with the sashing! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is soooo pretty! I love the colors and it's ties to Chicago architecture is so cool. Nice job Noodles. :)

seberliner said...