Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Graceland! Graceland! Memphis, Tennessee.

One week after hanging out in America's heartland, I hopped on a plane and flew the other way, to Currer Bell's wedding in Memphis.

Aside from the four dozen still-itching bug bites that are all over my legs, it was an amazing weekend. I had a great time with one of my BFFs, watched her marry the man of her dreams, hung out with my favorite-ever peeps, saw another part of the Mississippi River, bought a pair jeans in a state with considerably lower sales tax, watched our friend/officiant hop a 10-foot tall wrought-iron fence in a skirt, and even managed to fit in a few hours of sight-seeing. Oh, and I got my picture taken with Elvis.

It was the etsy-est affair ever. Right down to the boutonnieres made from used paper maps of state that were significant to the couple. And it was totally sweet.

Here's pictures to prove it. Most are mine. A few others are pilfered from the oh-so-amazing Heidi Ryder, who in addition to being a friend of the couple was the wedding photographer. You should check her out, especially if you're in So.Cal., and make sure you look at her blog for great pictures of the Scary Dancing Elvis. (Incidentally, I know Elvis suits are expensive, but if you're going to shell out for one with tight white pants, wouldn't you maybe get them lined? Or wear flesh-colored undies?)

For the Rehearsal Dinner we set up TONS of white lights everywhere and then these paper lanterns.

These next three are from Heidi's collection and show the set up. The dark clouds cleared and the temperature even managed to cool off a bit. We spent hours before getting everything ready, and I think it paid off. It was simple and sophisticated. Oh, and the fooooood. We had AMAZING barbecue from Neely's and someone somewhere made magic banana pudding. I don't have a picture of it, because to stop and take a picture would mean I would have to interrupt eating it. And I had no plans to do that. Not even after my third serving.

Speaking of food _ you might notice a theme with me _ there were the BEST CUPCAKES EVER. There was also some great shrimp & grits. Man, oh man, do I miss Southern cooking. I made up for it when I was there. (Yes, my pants are paying the price.) Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, ribs, shrimp, grits, beer, banana pudding. Groan. I'm having food flash backs.)

There were so many great details everywhere you turned. I love these letters Currer Bell made. She says she needs post-wedding activities and promised to make me some. She won't tell me what they're going to spell, though. It's a surprise. I asked her not to send me a set that say "bitch." It'd be accurate, but not the best for decor purposes.

After the wedding and the day-after brunch, some friends and I finally had time to explore. What else to do in Memphis once you've eaten your way through the city? GRACELAND! And the National Civil Rights Museum. We went to Graceland first. While I'm glad I saw it, I'm not sure it was worth the $10 to park and $28 for admission. (Why much kitsch so expensive?) At least it yielded some great pictures.

The museum was, hands down, AMAZING. I could have spent hours there, but they were closing and I had a flight to catch. The final picture is of the Lorraine Motel sigh. (The motel's been turned into the museum.) It's where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and the room where he died has been preserved. It's creepy and powerful. They didn't allow pictures inside.

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