Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have a learning curve! (Who knew?)

(Eds: Poodles ... you're barred from this post since it relates to your baby shower gift.)

I've never appliqued before. And this Charm quilt requires a shit-ton of applique work. Why does your stuff have to be some freakin' cumbersome-yet-cute Amy Butler????

Since the shower is Nov. 7, and I need to have it quilted and bound in time, I need to finish the applique this week. That explains why I spent a lot of time tonight doing this:

I got some advice on how to applique from the always awesome peeps at Quiltology _ namely to press the bejesus out of the fabric as you turn it under. Since I'm appliqueing curves, I cut little triangles out of the curves so it'd lay smoothly.

This was my first attempt.

Uh, not pretty. Whether my feed dogs weren't working properly or I was a dumbass, I'm not sure. But, I expect to have some quality time with the seam ripper later.

Still, here's the promising thing. Check out the fifth one I did. Much better, don't you think???

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Lido Vizzutti said...

Although I do love the symmetry - It's those little non-perfections that can make something even more special. Lookin' good. Guess I have to start procreating to get one.