Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wedding craftivity goes to the birds.

Currer Bell, my lovely bff, is getting herself hitched to the one and only Hot Pants. And I couldn't be more thrilled. (I cried like a baby on her engagement day. And that was BEFORE I started drinking myself silly on mimosa-fueled goodness.)

Since I love all things crafty, I've volunteered to help the auspicious bride-to-be with some projects. And I'm totally psyched. At the moment, we're going to try to make cute bird cake toppers much like these by Peonies and Polaroids.

Adorable, no?

It also looks like the awesome peeps (Ha! Peeps! Get it? Birds? Peeps! I crack my shit up.) over at Spool Sewing have a bird pattern that we could modify as well, adding some feet, eyes, glasses, veils etc.

Ms. Bell will be visiting next month and we're going to try to make the love birds then and banish the boys to the Wii. Watcha think? Got any suggestions of patterns or modifications?

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Sarah said...

I love the bride and groom bird modification...so cool! When I used the Spool Sewing pattern, I printed out the pdf at its regular size, but I traced the pattern onto the fabric and then drew a line a 1/4 inch further out around the pattern, increasing the size of the bird a little. It made it easier to turn right-side-out and seems to be a perfect size. Have fun!