Monday, March 30, 2009

March can bite me.

In like a lion, out like a lamb, huh? Fat freakin' chance.

Want visual proof? Here's my neighbor's gate yesterday morning.

This shot was taken about 30 seconds before I discovered that not one, but two of my boots had sprung leaks. Of course, I'm karmicly challenged when it comes to snow gear, so, I spent the day with parading around in my caribou-emblazoned purple-and-blue socks trying to get my feet to dry between errands.

Remember growing up how your mom always said to wear good underwear so in case you were in an accident and you had to go to the hospital, you wouldn't be embarrassed? (Please, please, please tell me this was a universal Mom Lesson. If not, a certain someone and I are going to have a twee chat.) Well, it turns out that the same applies to ugly socks during snow/rain. Because I really LOVED walking around the hallways of the Old Town School of Folk Music in my socks featuring mammals of the Alaskan wilderness. (Also, come to think of it, you never know when you'll *meet* someone, so that alone is enough reason to banish the granny panties forever.)

The snow wasn't that bad _ even if it was heavy and wet. All told, we got about 3 inches here in the city. Totally manageable and at least it's _ hopefully _ the last snow of the season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I refuse to buy another set of boots. At least for the time being.

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