Monday, March 2, 2009

Attack of the fat quarters.

No, no. I'm not discussing my ass. I'm talking about the cool cuts of fabric known as fat quarters. These cuts of fabric make up a huge selection of my stash and they're great for quilting. (Although, I have started buying half-yard and full-yard cuts. Because I have a serious shopping problem.)

The Sew, Mama, Sew blog devoted the entire month of February to FQs, and posted awesome daily projects and tutorials for neat things you can make. You can find the compendium of projects here and here is a list of tutorials. I can't wait to try the hand bag! (Seriously, if SMS isn't in your reader, you should add it. Because a) they rock and b) what fun!)

Also of note that SMS has begun selling FQs in their online shop. And since you, my dear reader, have only 76 days left to shop for my 28th birthday _ and therefore are most likely right in the midst of your birthday gift brainstorming _ I thought I'd mention it. As, you know, a wee suggestion.

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