Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Confession time: I have a friend crush.

Yup, a crush on a friend who is just so fabulous that he's simply impossible not to love. Lido's a modern-day renaissance man: a knock-you-over good photographer (check out his blog), a chef, a journalist, an artist, a guy who knows more about philosophy and dance than I'll ever know and is a 100 percent great friend and human being. (Years ago he even let me mangle his toes once on the dance floor. Rest assured it was a mistake he never made again. He also once let me sleep in the back of his Outback during a weekend-long jam band and bluegrass concert. Also a mistake he never made again.)

Basically, he's fabulous. (For the record, he's also engaged to the equally fabulous Jessica, whom I love and wish nothing but the best. Mazel tov!!)

The last time I publicly professed my Lido Love was in September when I was having an existential font-related crisis. But wouldn't you know it? Mr. Marvelous went and out did himself and caused me to fall all madly in friend love with him again. If I didn't love him so much I'd smack him.

So what did he do? Well, it looks like even though he's busy living it up with his lady in Montana and working as media director at a Web site/newspaper, Lido went out and learned to knit.

Yes. Knit.

And because he's Lido, he didn't just decide to knit a scarf. Or a hat. Or pot holders. Or something else nice and basic. Nope. Lido, upon learning that his cousin was going to have a baby, went out, learned to knit and made that munchkin a freaking blanket.

(Ladies, are you swooning yet? If not, well, perhaps you should see a physician.)

He sent me the pictures of his project and after squealing and demanding more details, I asked if I could post the pictures and some of his story for you all to admire.

When I asked him what prompted him to learn to knit, he was as always his humble self:

"I don't know why I started knitting. It was something I tried doing ages ago and never really completed anything. So when my darling little cousin became pregnant I thought why the hell not knit them a blanket. (They are very earthy, locally made, hippie, livin' on the farm, appreciate handmade type folk.) Mostly, I like it because I feel like I'm accomplishing something but I can still sit and zone out, clear my mind, and do something that's nothing like anything else I do during the day."

He also confesses to being unable to stop knitting. It's a plague I know well.

Anyway, now that I've made the boy blush and hopefully not enraged his fiancee by professing to love her betrothed, let me just sum it up by saying OMG! Hats off, Mr. Vizzuitti. You are, as always, totally Lidolicious.

Right folks?


jmlowry said...

I am not upset in the slightest. And for the record, Lido is sitting next to me right now starting on blanket number two. Love it! And I love this post. You have made my day Miss!

Noodles said...

YAYAYAY! Best affirmation ever. Cheers to you and the Lidomeister!

Ginny said...

Lidolicious indeed!

Sew Here We Are said...

A man to melt your heart. Completely enamored and enchanted. In this day and age (in my advancing's soul restoring to know there is such love out there among the younger set, be it for friends, partners, family, whomever. Your blogging makes me smile. Be Blessed!

EmB said...

He is indeed, a juicy man. I am, however, peeved that he knits better than I do, and I've been doing it for longer! Grr.

Lido Vizzutti said...

Awwww come on you guys... I can barely see my knitting needles over my huge inflated ego. But seriously, thanks for the overly gushing blog Ms. N. I love ya.

The Modern Gal said...

Holy crap, Lido. Like Noodles I've always been impressed by your talents, but knitting? Please stop making the rest of us feel bad about how untalented we are.

Seriously, that's awesome.

Jess of All Trades said...


Currer Bell said...

I LOVE LIDO! Just thought I'd pipe in here, since I've loved him long before he took up knitting. After all, he is the one who once told me he liked my jungle booty.

Juliette said...

I learned to knit this year and all I accomplished was one little square for the Ronald McDonald House "Warm up America" campaign. You are soooooooo talented Lido! Way to go!