Friday, January 15, 2010

I get introspective. And stuff.

Consider this a PSA to let you know that I have a guest blog post over at my church's young adult blog.

It's about the topic of discipleship. (Don't worry, I think it's a super-churchy, weird word, too.) It's my first real stab at blogging openly about my faith. So I'd love some feed back if you're of that persuasion. Or any persuasion. Or no persuasion at all.

I really wrestled with whether to post the piece on this blog. Since it doesn't really fit in with this blog, I'm linking to it for your reading pleasure.

Click on over and join the discussion. (Here's a hint: I think discipleship is just another synonym for being a good human being.)


1 comment:

The Modern Gal said...

I left my larger thoughts over at the other blog, but I do want to say I like how you look at discipleship as something you ARE rather than something you're NOT.