Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twenty Things I Want.

In no particular order and not necessarily inclusive:

1) Libraries in every neighborhood with speedy inter-library loans.
2) The chance to sew and/or create every day.
3) To be part of a community that fulfills as much as it gives back to others.
4) The body I had 10 years ago, the strength I have now, and the knowledge I'll have in another decade.
5) A strictly enforced mandate that girlie exams be completed in under 15 seconds.
6) The golden rule to be universally practiced and karmic punishment for those who commit serious infractions.
7) Inspiration when I least expect it.
8) Inspiration when I need it the most.
9) Wisdom that finds me every day.
10) A magic bank account that pays my ever-increasing condo fees each month.
11) To run in reality the way I do in my dreams. (You know those dreams where you're not just running, but FLYING and leaping without effort or sweat or feeling like your lungs are being suctioned out through your rib cage?)
12) A dog who's made peace with squirrels, rats, and all variety of small-and-furry mammals.
13) To wake up every day more excited about life than I was the day before.
14) To feel the same way about a boy the way I felt at that first dance during summer camp in 1993.
15) To never be without a DVR, a good book, or both.
16) Fearlessness.
17) Shoes that are simultaneously stylish, comfortable, and affordable.
18) A home that's clean and uncluttered.
19) To be surrounded by smart, talented, and driven people who make me smarter, more talented, and more driven.
20) For my friends to realize how important they are.

What's your list?

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The Modern Gal said...

I love your list. Can I borrow it?