Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brrrrr. It's cool in here.

It's fall here in Chicago, what with it being in the 40s all of a sudden at night. This, incidently, seriously makes me want to have a sidebar with Mother Nature to ask her WTF is going on. I mean, I love fall. Don't get me wrong. It's by far my best wardrobe season. But it's AUGUST. At least for another 24+ hours. Anyway, soap box over.

Since it's been extra chilly at night, I've been able to engage in one of my favorite fall activities (outside of apple picking, drinking hot spiced cider, leaf fights, pumpkins, hayrides, etc.), namely, layering on extra blankets and sleeping with the windows open.

Who doesn't love this? If you don't, you're c-r-a-z-y. Of course, the downside is if you're hungover, or stayed up too late reading the third Twilight book, and wake up cranky AND having to give yourself a peptalk to actually throw off the covers and race into the shower, because lingering too long would cause you to freeze and then return under the covers making you later than you already are. Not that I'd, you know, know anything about this. At all. Ever. (Also, Bella is lame and pathetic and unhealthily obsessed and she makes me want to scream and cringe almost as much as the writing does. And yet, it's book porn. Can't. Put. It. Down. But that's another post.)

That is all.


Mo said...

I agree, Bella's pretty lame book 2 and on, yet I still read them all! Did you see the movie? V and I died laughing at all the cheesy parts.

We need to switch cities because it is HOT here. I walk outside and it's like Mother Nature is wrapping a big huge blanket around me.

The Modern Gal said...

I just had my first morning like that today and it was delightful. I love waking up with the windows open and it being chilly.

Also, this is the exact reason I have not started Twilight yet. Not enough time in the day to not be able to put it down.