Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running for chocolate. (Or, my new project.)

So, you might have heard that I did a triathlon in July. Well, here's my dirty little secret. I didn't really train. In fact, when it came to running, which I knew was going to be my hardest leg, I threw in the towel early and decided to walk most of the 5K portion.

My goal in the race was simple: not to die. And, since I'm typing this NOT from the hereafter, it's pretty obvious I succeeded.

I felt great about my accomplishment. But in the intervening, candy-filled weeks, I've started to think I could have done better. Or tried harder. Instead of walking 90 percent of the 5K, I want to run 90 percent of it when I do it again next year.

So, I was particularly vulnerable susceptible when my co-worker Shawn sent me an IM today asking me if I'd be willing to do Couch-to-5k training to help keep him honest. I hemmed and hawed. Until I saw this. A HOT CHOCOLATE 5K.

SAY WHAT? You want me to run 3.2 miles and then are going to give me fondue at the finish line? Oh, HELL yes.

To keep each other honest, we're going to blog about our effort. I plan to be funny. He promises to at least be entertaining. And because we're (ok, I'm) horribly lazy, we decided to create a penalty if someone drops out. I tried to say the loser had to clean the other's bathroom, but apparently that was just too cruel for him to handle. So instead, if we wuss out, we'll have to bake cookies for the other's department and wear an apron of the other's choice for the day. I'm already thinking something in paisley. With ruffles.

So, add us to your reader. And feel free to weigh in on advice, insight, or just to be mean, cookie recipes.

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