Friday, May 22, 2009

They like me! They really like me!

I'm downright giddy that Schmutzie picked my "I Am" post to be part of the weekly Five Star Friday roundup, which features some of the best writing on the Web. Seriously! I've been squeaking and eeping with excitement all day, much to the dismay and annoyance of anyone within a 15-foot radius of me. (Also, I swear, dogs have been barking. I've totally become supersonic.)

I wrote that post on a lark because my head was about to explode with so many thoughts. You know what it's like, when your mind runs like those crazy agitated electrons you learned about in high school, running around and bumping into each other?

I didn't really intent to inspire anyone. (Except, maybe, The Modern Gal, who is so damn cool because she graciously volunteered to train for her own triathlon simply to keep my lazy ass honest.) I guess in a round about way, though, that post also managed to re-inspire me, too.

Even better? Based on the comments, it looks like some of you are digging it too.


So if you're new to these parts of Noodlestopia, pull up a chair, pop open a beer _ or four _ and stay awhile. And thanks, really, for reading.

(BTW: You can see the whole list of those on this week's list here.)

1 comment:

The Modern Gal said...

Well you definitely inspired me ... but I'm glad it wasn't just me!