Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brrr! It's cold in here....

It's felt like fall for all of 24 hours and I'm already moving on to winter. A transition that was aided and abetted by the arrival of the most recent Athleta catalog, which showed up in my mailbox this afternoon.

I'm nosing around for some new boots, because mine are impossible to walk in, much less safely pilot a vehicle. (Note to North Face designers: Please think about these things before you have me spend $150 on a pair of spaceman-looking boots. I'll be sure to do the same.)

But I've also come to the realization that while my trusty winter coat may be warm, it's also ugly as, well, you know ... and sort of reminiscent of a 1920s duster coat that should be worn by a member of the AARP. In Chicago, you don't screw with winter and when it's 30 below, we all pretty much throw fashion out the window and wear so many layers, it's hard to distinguish the homeless from the not. (Offensive? C'est la vie. That's how we roll in the city of big shoulders.) Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to upgrade. So when I saw this, I confess to getting a little giddy:

But with a $238 price tag, I'm not sure I'm willing to pony up my MasterCard number just yet.

What say you, peeps? Thoughts? Suggestions? An offer for a nice beach vacation sometime in February?


Ginny said...

Love it. But I wonder if in a year or two you will think it's too trendy and too reminiscent of the '80s at the same time. I remember seeing this number -- the long strips of puffer, versus the more timeless square of puffer -- in dusty rose in '80s. Or atleast pictures of women wearing this style of coat in the '80s with their white pumps. no?

Then again, if it went on sale for under $200 I would buy it. BUt I think I'd be on the look out for an ankle-length puffer since you live in Chicago and my whole leg would be cold.

Noodles said...

Ohh. Good suggestions, Ginny! Thanks to you and your inner fashion goddess for the advice!