Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Ashley Project.

I've been pushing all sorts of personal limits over the past 10 weeks, working with a personal trainer for the first time. The results have been totally awesome -- physically and, probably more importantly, psychologically.

As part of The Ashley Project, I agreed to chronicle about my experiences on the Second City Fitness blog. Today, Jeff (my trainer), weighs in on last week's half marathon. (Don't worry: I'll get my turn tomorrow.)

Want to know more? Click here to read what's up. In Chicago and want to get the scoop on SCF? Check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

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The Modern Gal said...

YES. Finally someone is smacking you around for those weird moments of insecurity and anxiety that are incongruous with the rest of your awesome self. I've seen them and haven't figured out how to beat them out of you, so I'm glad Jeff has. Congratulations on your big accomplishments, both the external ones but especially the internal ones.

P.S. Send him my way when you're done with him!