Monday, July 25, 2011

In which I make a to-do list

My I-Want-To-Make-This-Awesome-Thing-Right-Now list is getting bitch-ass long. (Yes, I used bitch-ass. Your point?)

Anywho, since I am spending more time thinking of things I want to make instead of finishing the projects I have to do (I'm looking at your quilt back, Modern Gal.) I thought I'd show you some things on my crafty to-do list.

I want to make this super-awesome quilt using Anna Maria Horner's latest fabric line, Loulouthi. I like that the big blocks show off the big patterns, and mean that the quilt wouldn't take very long to put together. (I like to plow through projects, not spend years on them. I am all about crafty instant gratification.)

(Photo by Pins & Bobbins; Pattern by Stitched in Color.)

This awesome needlepoint pattern. Keep in mind, I don't needlepoint. But I grew up watching my mom do it and I've been dying to learn and this kit by Modern Needleworks has me drooling, in large part because nothing about it says grandma. And because it's a full kit that has the pattern painted on the canvas. I may be a math nerd at the office, but I refuse to stitch things that require me to count to recreate a pattern. (I'm looking at you Counted Cross Stitch.)

A version of this pillow by The Rebel Homemaker, with warmer colors in the panels.

Anything that could even come, maybe, possibly, sorta close to look as awesome as this stitching by Prints Charming.

And, last but certainly not least, this kick-ass crewel sampler made by Alicia Paulson. The practical among you will point out that I don't know how to do crewel. I will grit my teeth and stomp my feet and say, so?!? And then figure out how to learn.

So that's some of what I've been drooling over. What are you and your fingers itching to get into?


The Modern Gal said...

I'd already accounted for your procrastination, so don't worry :)

Noodles said...

I appreciate the fact that you know me and my ADD brain so well.

Matti said...

You should give the quilt a try. We have a couple in the house hanging on the wall..and they add a ton of color. Matti

Erin said...

I like that fancy stitching! Also I think we need a craft date. I have 974,832 projects on my wish list. And I still haven't finished Brenna's stole (gulp). And there are 4 babies being born this month who need homemade craftiness love.