Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm taking requests!

So, it appears some of you hearted my fancy pants Scrabble pieces picture of my word of the year. I'm happy to make you one of your very own! Just drop me a comment and make sure I have a way to reach you by e-mail. (And let me know if you want B&W, color or both and if you want an "I will" added.)

Lookie, I already made one for the always fab, Ms. H!

All I ask in return is you do something all nice-like to someone else in the next week. Pay it forward, ya know?

Happy 2010, y'all! I'm flipping '09 the bird. Catch you crazies next year!!


Ms. H said...

WoooHOOOO!! I LOVE it!!!!

You're the best!!!

:0) Ms. H

Whitney said...

If you're offering, I'd love a "return" in B&W. Do you still have my hotmail addy (wmorris)?

I'm headed to Colorado tomorrow for a ski vaca. I'm sure I will find time to pay it forward as I plan to not ski much in hopes of not seriously injuring myself. :)

Happy twenty ten! (It's one of my friend's mission to get people to say twenty ten instead of 2000-10. Thought I'd help him out.)

The Modern Gal said...

I would lurve one! My word is Kindness, so I think I'd like 'Be kind.' In color. And black and white. :)