Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bipolar brainworms.

My crazy-girl brain has a thing for songs. Specifically, songs that can get stuck in my head for a minimum of 18 hours at time. It's just how I roll. Er, yo.

But today's dueling songs are enough to drive a girl to drink. (Pauses. Sips chardonnay. Sighs happily. Refills glass.)

Ready? How's this for eff'd up?

Right Round, by Flo Rida. (Yes, "rida." I know.) And, By Way of Sorrow, by Dar Williams, as part of Cry Cry Cry.

I can't embed the video for the first one, but you can listen to the second here:


In fact, I like the second one so much, I'm hoping to learn how to play it on the fiddle. Want to hear another version? Here you go.

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