Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inspirational bit

A friend reminded me of this brilliant Middlemarch quote the other day, and it just resonated with me for so many reasons. And so, I share it with you. (That George Eliot was one smart chick!)


Pete B said...

Great quote!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm sorry for how completely random this is but I couldn't figure out a way to email you.

I was searching google for dogs with curly tails to figure out the breed of a rescue dog I recently adopted, and I came across your photo of Macy in 2010. I absolutely love dogs so I'm really, really sorry to ask about her if it turns out her health didn't improve since then, but she is the first and only dog I've seen who looks a LOT like my dog. (similar ears, shape of muzzle, body type, and it looks like Macy has a curly tail as well-- although my dog's tail is super curly, like a shiba inu's-- if you're curious, I could link you a picture.)

Do you know what breed Macy is? I couldn't tell from your entry whether she is a border terrier mix... I only just learned of border terriers yesterday and it seems very likely to me that my dog is at least partially a mix of that, but from what I can see, border terriers don't have the super curly tail like my dog has.

I thought if you knew what Macy's breed is, it might help me figure out my dog's. I was told by the rescue agency that she's a miniature schnauzer, poodle, golden retriever mix but it seems like a weird combo of breeds based on how she looks.

Once again, I'm really sorry to bring up Macy if anything terrible has happened since then. If she wasn't the only dog I've ever seen to look like my dog, I wouldn't bother you.

Thank you for any help. I'm wishing you the best.

Noodles said...

Hey there! I'm not quite sure what Macy is -- she's a pound puppy. As best I can guess, she's a hybrid of a lot of things, but seems to have a lot of terrier (jack russell and rat terrier come to mind) along with something bigger and louder. And maybe some chihuahua.

Hope that helps and congrats on your new pup!